Who are we and what are we up to?



We are katey and pedro.

currently out in the world exploring south
america for six months.

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What does it mean to be [In]Experienced Travelers? Well, between Pedro & I we have done a lot of traveling. Both of us have made international moves (I, Katey, have moved eight times). Exploration addicts we take every chance we can get to go somewhere new. But, just because we have a lot of experience traveling doesn’t mean we always get it right. Part of what we love about traveling is the spontaneity of every adventure, you’re never sure what challenges are going to be thrown at you when you’re galavanting across the world. So, while we count ourselves as quite ‘experienced travelers’, the world is never shy to remind us that there is happiness in inexperience too.

So, our next adventure? We are spending the next six months making a home out of two backpacks. Embarking on a long term trip around the gigantic continent of South America.

We created our blog as a chronicle of our experiences while backpacking. Sharing our stories, travel tips and failures. A cross between a personal travel diary and an advice blog. Each of us will share the dues of writing and photography throughout the blog, each sharing our unique point of views about the experiences we share.

Having to leave New York because Pedro was unable to get a visa was a kick in the gut for both of us. At first we let ourselves fall into a hole, wallowing about our failed attempts to stay in NYC and continue down our respective career paths. Unwilling to sit there drowning in sorrow we decided to take the unique opportunity life was giving us and travel instead. Not often is it that a couple ends up in a situation where both can have time off work for an extended period of time.

It is impossible for you to go on as you were before, so you must go on as you never have.
— Cheryl Strayed | Tiny Beautiful Things